No. 884

Tour Eiffel, Shanghai, China (by Qiujiang Lu)

No. 883

Baoshan Lu/Qiujiang Lu Audio Photo Electronic Market

Where: Baoshan Rd. / Qiujiang Rd. crossing, Baoshan Road stop of Metro Line 4, exit 1 - Shanghai, China

A big, crowded, typical Chinese market, with small booths selling a lot of stuff but mainly used/new electronics, audio equipment and photo gear. Photo gear booths are ~10, they have mainly mainstream DSRLs, i.e. Canon/Nikon/Sony equipment, used cameras and lenses are quite new (for older/unusual things Luban Lu/Xietu Lu Photo Mall is still better IMHO). People at the booths don’t seem to be particularly expert and don’t speak English (by the way: I was the only western guy there, as far as I could see), if you have special needs better to go prepared or with an interpreter, I struggled to simply explain that I was looking for Micro Four Thirds lenses and most of them seemed to ignore the existence of such standard: indeed, the very few MFT cameras exposed were almost stacked one above the other (no, they don’t have MFT lenses, Dec. 2013). Other than that, good deals can be found, always remember to drive a hard bargain!

No. 881

Dharmakara Temple, Tiantai School, Shanghai (est. 1924)

N. 878

Shanghai air pollution: you can look directly at the noon sun

No. 875

Shanghai, from night to sunrise, November 2013.